Monday, July 22, 2013


Apparently, I have a parenting style. Up until now, I've thought it was "slacker/attachment parenting with bursts of irritability." I have also described it as the "Miss Havisham's Garden Method". Caroline has described it as the "Mom Does Not Give Two Fs Approach" (let's say the Fs stand for "flying figs). After reading the awesome post "The CTFD Method", I guess I am a minimalist parent. Mind you, I have done minimal research (cue snare drum) into the method, since I have better thing to do than look into my parenting style. I am busy, wait for it, being a parent.

 In the summer, a lot of that involves me encouraging the children to "figure it out." I am terrible at entertaining my kids. As I have stated over and over, when I have a moment to myself (that is when I am not cleaning, organizing, or driving) I can be found reading or messing about on the computer. The fact that I expect my kids to go outside and play without coming in and whining seems to classify me as a minimalist parent. Well cool beans, I am part of a movement!

Note: Click the CTFD link, it is awesome!

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