Sunday, July 28, 2013

Days Like These

When I am old and gray, it will be days like these that I wish to remember. It was just a plain day, nothing big organized or planned, but perfect in it's simplicity. Caroline and I went over to my mother's house to help her pack for our upcoming trip to Florida. She is feeling better and we laughed and joked with my step-father, just like normal.

I came home and went with Rob to Kohls to use my Kohls Cash. We walked through the store holding hands listening to Ho Hey over the PA system and testing out the softness of towels. We departed the store into a rainstorm allowing us the perfect chance to test the absorbency of the new towels. I strolled through the parking lot wrapped in my new towel happy and laughing.

After dinner, I pushed Lily through violin practice and actually got 10 minutes of beautiful focused music out of her. She has learned to make music instead of screeching. We ended the evening giggling over highly inappropriate potty themed jokes (it is what we do best), then finally settling down, happy and tired, to watch Doctor Who.

Simple perfection.

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Betsy said...

Plain days can be just plain perfect. I agree.