Saturday, May 31, 2014

Limping Along to the Finish

Ok, I think I can go on record as saying this has been such a profoundly overwhelming school year. Every time I think "Ok, this is it, now it is going to get better" another wave of utter crap rolls through. And yet, I still have the sense of mind to pause and remind myself that it could be so much worse and to stop poking at fate and to keep praying and  to put one foot in front of the other and to remember every platitude that I have based my life around.

Oh this spring, where to I start? How about the week of bloody noses Lily had that ended with 10 in one day followed by a late night trip to the ER?  Or the walking pneumonia that I ended up with after that trip? There is always the tales of the tests. More and more damn tests. My nine year old took took 6 tests based on information  factoids that she was supposed to retain over 4 years. Mind you this is the child who can't find her shoes, glasses,or shorts on a daily basis. There's the incredible pressure my driven 16 year old has put herself under by taking an insane course load that idiot counselors have convinced her she should take. There is the never ending pile of paper work, laundry, dishes. There are the countless doctors appointments. There is the never ending saga of the turtle who continues to try to escape from his tank and the dog who escapes from her yard. And through all of this there is precious little sleep. How do people my age have infants? I am too old for sleep deprivation.

 BUT, there is amazing teamwork between Rob and I as we juggle all of the appointments and laundry and dishes and the kids and the pets. There is family bonding as Rob, Caroline, and I tag team study with Lily. There is amazing sweetness as Caroline gives Lily countless test taking pep talks. There is joy (and not one bit of surprise) when Caroline passes all of her tests and keeps up her GPA and pretty much tackles every obstacle she has in front of her.  There is hope as I remember her struggles and awkward years and realize Lily, too, will find her own way. We have learned to laugh and breathe when we want to cry and yell. There are only 2 1/2 weeks left. We are limping along to the finish line, all together as a team. We might not get the first place medal, but all that matters is we ARE going to cross that line!