Sunday, March 6, 2011

Signs of Life, Signs of Hope

I am looking out my window and see buds on the trees. I am still sad that the coziness of winter is over, but seeing how this winter bit us in the butt and wasn't really cozy at all, maybe a change is in order. So much of what has gone on this winter has effected me, but not been my direct experience. I am an over-sharer, over-talker. My life is an open book of sorts. The problem is my husband and daughter do not wish that their lives be such an open book. Rob chastised me for sharing his life with so many people. I explained that it was hard to consider it just his life when it effected us so much. Anyway, without over sharing, he went to many doctors last week and seems to be on the right track. He has many more doctors appointments coming up, but they are all for monitoring and things seem to be on track.

I'm still running on a lot of built up adrenaline, but am slowly coming down and getting back to normal. Today, Rob and Caroline are at a Mason game and I'm just handing out with Lily. She's going to help me clean and then we'll work on some craft projects. I am woefully behind on school stuff so this is the day for that, too. My cousin, Ellen is visiting next weekend. The girls and I can't wait. We need some fun around here. Well, it hasn't all been that horrible. I've saved up some good stories that I'll post after I have cleaned and graded.