Monday, July 15, 2013

How Far We've Come

There really isn't much on T.V. these days and I can't possibly watch anymore news. It really doesn't help me stay focused or positive. I remember when Rob and I first moved into together, he would come in from the late shift at the restaurant to find me on the coach crying and in a mild panic. He was greeted with "We can't eat fast food hamburgers anymore!" or "How safe is our checking account?" Without batting and eyelash he'd calmly ask "Which news show were you watching? How about you just stop watching news shows?" That eventually morphed into "Enough of the freakin' news shows! They just upset you!" Rob has always had this ability to appear calm. I know the true Rob, but he puts on the best front. You would never catch him running around in a tizzy about all of the potential dangers in the world. That is probably because he's too busy ranting about baby boomers or the 1%.

Anyway, here I go off on another tangent. The point is that instead of watching the news, I have been deep in the blogeshere. I have found great blogs that are new to me. They have much jazzier than mine, but still speak to me. In all of this time, I still feel like those in the blogesphere are my friends (no need to question my grip on reality). It helps to know that I am not alone. I am not alone in being a tired wife, overwhelmed teacher, exhausted parent, or worried daughter. But more than the sad stuff, I am not alone in keeping my sense of humor. So many of the blogs that I've linked to have been started from loss and great pain, but have found joy and humor in the daily craziness of being human.

I have also looked back at some of my earlier posts. I am still proud of everything that I have written. I am most proud that my humor has remained intact. It has been over five years of silly stories, bad spelling, questionable grammar, and me hanging my laundry out for all to see. My focus and station in life has shifted some. There might not be as many funny Lily stories (She's still pretty damn funny, but totally inappropriate. There is some laundry that is best left in the hamper. ). I think what started out as a blog about being a mother has turned into a blog about a mother. I am interested to see where the next five years go. I know it will be bumpy. I am pretty sure that I am ready. The only thing that I know for sure is my grammar and spelling probably won't improve. Hey, in the world of cross stitch we say "It's the flaws that make it one of a kind." Ok, I made that up, but it should be a quote!

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