Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Hate Spring

Spring used to be a time for new life and renewal. Now, thanks to No Child Left Behind, it is a time for testing, and cramming, and, if you live in our house, panic. The only thing worse than watching your 15 year old hyperventilate over test anxiety is watching your 3 year old get stitches. I should not have to explain panic attacks and hyperventilating to my child. We should not be talking about strategies to stay calm and not keel over on the floor.

I think that I have established that my child is wildly creative and thinks outside of the box. Some days, she thinks outside of the factory that builds the box. People like her (and me for that matter) don't test well. She has A's in advanced placement classes and writes better than most college kids. She was recommended for AP Western Civ and pre-AP English. Isn't that proof enough? What the hell? This entire system sucks. I am watching the downfall of creative thinking and problem solving. We are creating a generation of robotic Jeopardy contestants who are so stressed that they panic or explode.

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