Friday, May 3, 2013

Pie in the Sky

I have a quote that I tell my girls; I attribute it to my mother, but I could have dreamed it, or even read it, who knows. Anyway, here it is "Sometimes, your best defense is your own good manners." I am tired, I am stressed, and I am in hyper "Mama Bear" mode (for my girls and my students). Last week, I got po'd at the drop of a hat. I had co-workers chase me down to say "Breathe first, just breathe" as I charged down the hallway to right one wrong or another. This week, I have slowed down and calmed down. Exhaustion and long stretches of time spent by myself in hellish traffic have given me no other choice.

Last night, there was a very long PTA meeting with a very long sidebar about funding a club that my friend sponsors. The bottom line is that the PTA can't afford to sponsor every club (I know that). Some suggestions were given to create scholarships and we will look into that. It seemed to me that another parent was being unreasonable. I made an impassioned (and voice cracking) plea on behalf of one child who had benefited from this club. I explained that he was in my first grade class a few years ago. He was the kindest and sweetest boy who wanted nothing more than a piece of paper to take home at the end of the day so that he could draw. He never demanded prizes or stickers or any other treats. He was so excited this year to join this club because it was free. I went on to explain that it was the only activity that he'd ever had because his family couldn't afford any others. I had thought that I had wasted my time and made a little bit of an emotional fool of myself.

That same parent just messaged me and asked if she could buy a yearbook for this little boy. I am sitting here crying and so moved. Now, I am even more in love with my job, my school, and the community that it serves! Life is so much better when I keep my pie in the sky Pollyanna outlook and refrain from judging others. There must be a quote in there for my girls.

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