Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waiting for That Shoe to Drop

Well, Rob is out of town. That generally means freaky weather or the collapse of a major appliance. I have handily avoided these scenarios by a. the luck of gorgeous spring weather and b. vowing to use the appliance sparingly and with the utmost respect ("Oh thank you great dishwasher for delivering sparklingly clean dishes to me, your humble servant."). So all is hunky-dory, right? What's that you hear shouted from my house? "Boys are stupid!" That's not the teen daughter, nor is it the eight year old. No, it is the frustrated mother of said teen daughter. Somewhere over the course of time, boys became moodier and more complex than girls. The Boyfriend would fall into this category. It doesn't help that modern teens communicate solely via text which can be read dozens of ways. I guess it is all ironed out now. I just get tired of other teens hurting her. My tough cookie is not always as tough as she seems. Especially, during test time.

The amazing thing about women is how quickly we bond. I shared the tale of woe with my closest friends at work. Oh, the "Stupid Boyfriend" stories they drudged up. The ultimate outcome, though, was wise words of encouragement for my girl, our girl. There was even calls and texts checking on her. I don't think that boys have that, a circle of wise and caring elders surrounding them (even when they aren't there). Maybe that's why boys are so damn confusing. There is no one around to share tales and encouragement.

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