Thursday, May 30, 2013

I. Am. So. Tired

I am so unbelievably, freaking tired. I have given everything I have had to this school year. I have nothing left to give. I am tired of driving kids places. I am tired of answering kids' questions. I am tired of smiling when I really want to say "Are you kidding me!!!!" I am tired of telling children what to do and encouraging them to use the sense God gave them. While we're on it, I am tired of taking kids camping ( guess what I am doing this weekend?). I am tired of driving kids places and listening to them argue, complain, or tell me how stupid I am. I am tired of listening to rants and obsessions. I am tired of arguing with kids about studying and instrument practice. I am tired of telling kids to brush their teeth, change their damn underwear, and pick up their crap.

I am trying to dig down deep and make to the end of this marathon, but Holy Cannoli it is hard. I have miles and mounds of work to do. There are teacher gifts to get and loving notes to write to my kiddos. I don't want their last memories of first grade to be a strung out crazy woman. I over did it this year. I now know what is my breaking point. Useful information, but the question is will I use it? Will I prevent this from happening next year? What do you think? Here's a hint: next year at my school I am team lead, on the PTA, Literacy Committee, and helping out with the parent education group. For Lily we have scouts, violin, and school advisory council (school level and superintendent level). Caroline we have scout leader and everything that goes with high school.

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