Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Time

It's time. The air is so electric, you can see the sparks.
I can't grade one more paper or write one more line of plans.
 They can't read one more book (that's not of their choosing) or write another word.

We are aching to sit outside on the patio and sip iced tea. We're ready to fill each pore with sun, sand, salt, and even chlorine.

 It is time for lazy days and lazier nights.
It is out until dark catching fireflies and swatting mosquitoes time.
 It's time to throw caution to the wind and have nothing for dinner but cucumbers and ice cream.
 It is time to wake up, roll out of bed, eat cereal, and watch cartoons.
 Time for the neighborhood to be filled with children running free in a pack, wild like nature intended them (at least until someone starts to cry).
It is time to crash into bed sticky with popsicle juice, sunshine scented and content.

Summer is almost here. Let's say goodbye to friends and promise to stay in touch. Let's plan to go see Blockbuster movies and finish long put off projects. I'll organize the junk drawer, the medicine cabinet. You clean out your room, even under the bed.

Let's recharge.

Heaven knows we deserve it. Let's grab childhood while we can and hold on tight. This seems to be the last uninterrupted place where we can just be.

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