Thursday, April 25, 2013


Now for a brief post because tomorrow is field day. If I haven't mentioned it before my class is composed of 16 little boys and 8 little girls and half of those boys are powered by sugar rolled in corn syrup or rocket fuel or some sort of amazing compound that makes The Energizer Bunny look likes he's asleep. And yet, I love this amazingly, quirky, and profoundly creative group of kids. They make me want to pull my hair out one minute and the next I am filled with tears of joy. Daily,  I realize "This is why I am became a teacher, just to meet these guys and touch their lives." Corny, yes, but I dare anyone to come into my classroom and leave without that feeling. However, teaching with this much raw emotion is draining. My stores are used up early, and I am beyond exhausted. I keep hearing suggestions of a mental health day, but how can I leave them? Co-dependent personalities should not become teachers.

Well, tomorrow we will have a morning full of sunshine and fun. Something bizarre will happen, but that's okay; I'll just spin it into a story. That's what I do best; take frustration, anxiety, insanity and weave it into the stuff that legends are made from. I have made a life, a career out of fostering quirkiness. I am Alice creating her own Wonderland. No, I am not under the influence of anything other than exhaustion. Time for bed.

P.S. I'll take my camera to school tomorrow and take pictures of my kiddos' latest projects. Seriously, they are amazing:)

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