Monday, April 1, 2013

Taking Care of Myself Inside and Out

In keeping with the "taking care of myself" idea: we had an awesome "mommies lunch" on Tuesday.  My friend Katie came over with two of her girls. I provided cheese and bread, she provided wine. I took time to set up the dining room with our nice dishes for she and I and the kitchen with the nice dishes for the girls. I have spent a lot of my down time watching HGTV. It was so relaxing to make things look pretty. The girls ate and played, while Katie and I sat and drank wine and talked. Everyone was calm and happy, when Katie looked at me, you could literally see the light bulb above her head. "Do you think that Caroline could watch the girls while we go shopping?" Caroline agreed (she needs money for her Great Britain trip next summer). We went to the brand new outdoor, upscale shopping center near us.We got some cute clothes on sale and basked in the loveliness of shopping without kids. When I was in the changing room I remarked that it was wonderful to try on clothes without someone trying to peek under the door or whine about being bored. The sales clerk asked "Mother's day out?" We ended with a stop at Starbucks. That night I was happy and relaxed. I forgot how wonderful it is to do something that I want to do.

Next stop, my outside. I have vowed to try really hard to exercise more. The weather seems to be breaking. I took lots of long walks and don't intend to stop.

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