Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am so moved and pleasantly surprised by how many of my friends have shown support for the leagilzation of gay marriage on FaceBook. Many, I wasn't surprised by, but others, wow! This seems to be an issue that is crossing religious and political boundaries. Quiet honestly it seems to be fueled by love. Most of the people that I have spoken to are speaking out on behalf of family or friends. I know that I am. I want all of those that I hold close to my heart to be afforded the same rights as Rob and I.

Last night Caroline and I were talking about the issue. The thought that keeps coming back to me is that not long ago interracial marriage was illegal. That means some of the amazing couples that I know would have been shunned and their love denied, their children ostracized. I live in a beautifully diverse area. I can't imagine these families not being. Normally, I don't wear my beliefs on my sleeve. I believe in power of respect. I don't shove my beliefs down others' throats. I do however wear my heart on my sleeve and I am always going to come out on the side of love. I am so lucky to have found the most amazing life partner in the world. How could I not want that for everyone? Here's to love and through that love respect.

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