Monday, March 11, 2013

Apple Tree

Friday night I stayed later at work than usual. Our newest teammate had two deaths in her family last week and I stayed to help her with plans. I called Caroline on the way home. She answered with "All hell broke loose tonight." She went on to explain that Rob came home and fell asleep. She took Lily upstairs to put her to bed and noticed that Buffy had peed in our room. When she went to clean up the pee, the rabbit jumped out from under the bed and scared the bejeesus out of her. She ran into the hall and discovered that the rabbit had gotten out of her hutch and chewed a "Trixie-sized hole" in the baby gate that blocked the dog from the playroom/rabbit room. Caroline proceeded to put another gate at the top of the stairs to block the dog. Then she went on to explain that the rabbit led her on "a merry chase" around the upstairs. She chased her into the hall slamming doors as she went. After she got the rabbit back into the hutch, she noticed that all of the upstairs doors were locked. She jimmied open all of the doors and in frustration put both Lily and Buffy to bed. I thought that she'd be older before I'd pass the Simpson chaos baton to her. I was wrong. I couldn't have done better myself. Here's to my oldest daughter's first "blog fodder."

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