Monday, March 4, 2013


Ok, Snowquester is on the horizon. Seriously, only here can we think of such crazy names for storms. Never mind, what really matters is the emotional effect of the idea of a snow storm. There was dancing at work, there was giggling with my online friends, and there was The Magic Eight Ball. Huh?

The Magic Eight Ball is a time honored tradition started by two former co-workers and I. We have a very serious and almost ritualistic way of consulting the ball in regards to a snow storm. The ball does not lie. It is almost like Qujia Board for grown ups except not quite as scary or potentially dangerous (don't scoff at me, I don't mess with that stuff).

 I am ready for a win, a freebie, a gimme. I promise that if we get a day off, I won't waste it by feeling stuck or overwhelmed or underwhelmed or blah or restless or any of the dozens of negative, totally unhelpful, yet normal emotions that have been crowding my head. Today Lily was gearing up for a rant about how unfair it has been that so many other places have had snow and not us (I know suburban southeastern kid problems). I stopped her and said "Lil, this is the only life you get. Complaining won't change it. Just live the life you have." And then I hit a gong and we all chanted "Ohm." Nah, just kidding. I know that it sounds like hippy-dippy, new-agey advice from a suburban mom, but I mean it. Now is all we have. Sure, we have hopes and dreams and we have regrets, but all we really have to work with is now. Fighting against things that we can't control is a waste of energy.

So here we are, hanging onto a little hope for a fun surprise, holding out for magic, "having the day we have," (to quote The Odd Life of Timothy Green). So, I'll go to work with a little hope in my heart, but ready to do what I have to do with what I am given. What I am given will be visiting political figures touring my school (no lie). I might get a tantruming child while said figures are visiting; I might not. I might get a squirrely and unruly classroom, I might not. All I can do is set the tone and charge ahead. "Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more!" Oh, and why I am "having the day I have," it wouldn't hurt to hope for just a little snow.

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