Saturday, March 16, 2013

Survival Tips

When I was in fourth grade, I remember that my mother clipped Erma Bombeck's column to send to my teacher. It was all about her love of chocolate and the great lengths that she went to to keep it from her children. I remember one part where she said that she'd pretend that it was Ex-lax so they wouldn't eat it. "This is funny?", I wondered, then. Now I can see how it would was hysterical and so darn true.

I have my own secret "Mom stash." I buy dark chocolate and other delights on sale and hide them in a basket in a far off cabinet of the kitchen. I used to be able to leave my dark chocolate on the counter and the family would leave it alone. It was too bitter and often contained nuts (just tell them there are nut or fish in it and all bets are off). Then Caroline's palate changed and she discovered the bliss that is dark chocolate. Her most recent discovery is Samoas. I used to be able to have them all to myself. Now both girls love them. Now do you see the need for a "Mom stash?" These treats last for months; I only need/want a little once in awhile.

If you really looked closely, you find other stashes, a box of Gobstoppers in the nightstand draw, pudding cups in the veggie crisper (my family would sooner clean the toilet than go in there) etc. The Gobstoppers are for those moments when I can leisurely lay in bed and read. The fact that they have been there since July should tell you how often I have time to lay in bed and read.

Well, so far my system is working for me. As long as the children don't develop a taste for tea (I have an cabinet's worth), I won't need any more hiding places.

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