Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This will be a short post. I have papers to grade and school tomorrow. It was a lovely and relaxing break. Rob took the entire week of with us. We barely left our neighborhood. We hung out relaxed and organized. I now have lovely clean carpets and a tidy basement. I am nervous about returning to school, but once I see my little guys, everything will be fine. We spent last night watching HGTV and the movie Grown Ups. Caroline had some friends come over to hang out and watch movies. All in all it was a very calm and relaxing evening.

I forgot to add one more thing to my list: music! I would be lost without music. I have very eclectic taste. I love 80's alt. rock and punk and contemporary folk music. I grew up with lots of 70's singer/songwriters and blue grass/old time music. I also really like independent/alt. rock from today. That has been a really bonding force for Caroline and I.

Here's to a simpler and healthier year. I wish everyone a year where you are able to focus on what is important and let what is not just go.

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