Saturday, December 29, 2012

All About Me 2012

As I look back through this blog, I realize that it has been less of a chronicle of my girls life than a chronicle of my life as a working mother. I keep a one line a day five year journal (highly recommend one, it is so cool to see what you did on the same day over the course of years). At the beginning of the journal I have written " When they are younger (20's) my girls will read this and laugh. When they are older (30"s, 40"s), they will be shocked at the parallels. Amazing how the circle goes on and on."  I like to think the same thing about this blog. I can envision the girls looking back at this later and seeing parallels. This is also why I worry about violating their privacy and why the blog has become less about them and more about me. In case, case 20 years from now they wonder what I am like, here is another/updated things about me list, in no certain order.

1. I love a good cup of hot tea. I like black tea with milk and Truvia ( I quit using Splenda 3 years ago). I carry a huge thermos full of hot or iced green tea to work everyday. I have a cute little tea pot the I use to brew loose tea as well.

2. I read as often as I can. I usually read books that Caroline has recommended or chick lit. Right now I am on a historical fiction kick. I love classic novels, but haven't been able to convince Caroline of their value. I love bitter sweet novels the best.

3. I am slightly obsessed with Spider Solitaire, don't ask me why.

4. I have been able to cross stitch more lately.

5. I love sci fy, fantasy, and dark comedies. This Caroline and I have in common.  It has been a main bonding experience for us. I also like period films and coming of age dramas. I like old films and anything with quirky characters (same goes for T.V. shows). I also really like things that make me laugh.

6. I still and will always love gum. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of cracking it.

7. I love children! I love working with kids. Once, I am finished teaching, I have a feeling that I will continue to work with children, either through special recreations, counseling, or even volunteering to read to kids at the library.

8. I am passionate about being a mother. I have raised two quirky and independent girls. I will move heaven and earth to get them what they need.

9. I am very much in love with my husband. He is my very best friend and the person that I most want to be with everyday.

10. I have a very corny sense of humor and love puns.

11. I am a smart ass with a real potty mouth.

12. I am a non practicing Unitarian-Universalist. The non practicing part is mostly due to being too shy to find a congregation near my house and not wanting to give up 1/2 Sunday when I could be with Rob. I miss church, though. 

13. I am deeply spiritual and give thanks for my blessings everyday. I am also pretty superstitious. I tend to believe in magic and fate.

14. Deep down inside I am very child like.

15. I am really shy (having children  has diminished this to some degree). I am also afraid of lots of things. I can be very anxious and try really hard to hide it.

16. I am empathetic and compassionate (especially for children, those with special needs, and animals).

17. I am sentimental and love my family above everything. I am a story teller and love to hear family stories. I have lost too many people from my family and miss them terribly.

18. I am terrified of loosing the ones that I love. I live in constant worry about someone dying.

19. I can be forgetful and repeat myself. I don't hear very well and it takes me awhile to process things. This makes me seem aloof or ditsy. I am neither. Children never seem to mind these things about me, which is one of the reasons that I feel comfortable around children.

20. I can get very lonely.

21. I tend to blend into the wood work. I am one of those "work horse" people who is always there to do something, but never seeks the spotlight.

22. I love to write.

23. I doubt my self and rarely give myself enough credit.

24. I love to go to yoga class, but hate to exercise.

25. I have a crazy sweet tooth and eat too much junk. I love cookies, toffee, dark chocolate....

26. I really should exercise more.

27. I like to make people feel comfortable. Seriously, the best that I can give you is too make you feel at home in my house. I really enjoy taking care of people.

28. Once I get to know you, I talk too much.

29. I am intrigued by abnormal psychology.

30. I am not very good at saying "no." I volunteer for too many things and this makes my life complicated. I don't know what I would give up, though. I like to be involved.

I am sure that I have forgotten somethings. I'll update after "tech free" day.

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