Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The good thing about being under a lot of stress is that the littlest bit of relaxation feels like bliss. It took me half a day to relax and then I was good to go. I cleaned the house top to middle (I'll get to the basement later this week). I even tackled Lily's room and the playroom. I took the girls to see Rise of the Guardians. It was just my kind of movie, sweet and full of wonder. I needed to do something that taped into my inner child. I guess Mother Nature agreed because we left the movie and walked out into snow! Lily has been questioning the whole Santa concept. Between this movie and  Miracle on 34th Street, I think that I bought us another year.

There is a chance that this will be the last year my family spends Christmas at our house. My brother and his wife are having a baby, and the deal was we'd switch to his house once they had kids. I wanted this to be a really good one this year. There were a few things that got left out, like Christmas crackers and homemade table favors (it took a looong time to clean Lily's room!), but I think I did a good job with the food. The best part was the potato gratin recipe from Catherine Newman (Potato-fennel gratin). This was one of the best things that I have ever eaten!

It was nice to hang out with my family. I gave my brother copies of all of the books that I read to him when he was little. The girls each gave him their favorite books. My mom and I each gave each other things that we noticed the other needed when we were in Florida. I gave her a travel pillow and new wallet. She gave me a new eye glass case and two new polka dot scarves. Lily got new Bitty baby twins and a Lego doll house. It took her 3 hours to put together a 695 piece house. When she focuses, she focuses. We got an iphone for Caroline. Now all her tech stuff is in one place. She also got a Hedwig owl necklace from my mother. Apparently complaining about the computer printer and lack of back porch light (not at the same time) got me a lightened dog leash and a new printer from Rob and the kids:)

Overall, it has been wonderful so far.

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