Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tech Free

These days I seem to see the top of my oldest daughter's head more than her face. This has prompted Rob's idea of a "tech free" day tomorrow. We'll see how long this lasts. Caroline texts 24-7 it will be nice to talk to her, although I suspect there will be more snarling than talking. All of us are included in this which means no Facebook for me or Spider Solitaire. It also means no Angry Birds for Lily or ebay for Rob (well he has a pass to check on his sales, I need money for a new coat).

I'd like to think that I'll report back on Monday with tales of board games, baking, hikes, and other sorts of family harmony. Truthfully, we'll find a way to proceed doing our own thing in our own little universes with timeouts for witty remarks. I predict Rob will watch History channel (he couldn't include T.V. in tech free), I will read or cross stitch, Lily will play with her dolls, and Caroline, when not accusing us of abuse, will read. It will also give Caroline and I time to start school work that we need to complete by Wednesday.

There are also errands to be run. We need groceries (I have agreed to host 6 teens for New Years Eve). I also need that aforementioned coat. I have spent an insane amount of time standing outside in wet freezing weather waiting for Buffy to go to the bathroom. I even made a joke about it on Facebook ("For those of you who know the joke book for parents Go the @#$% to Sleep!, I am writing a version for dog owners called Hurry the @#$% Up and Pee!. I am thinking that I might have just as much trouble going tech free as the girls!

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