Friday, January 25, 2013


Both of the girls seem to be going through some big changes. My baby turned 8 last week. The era of Elmo, tutus, hair bows, and fairy wings is over. Lily is still very silly with us, but there seems to be this new thoughtfulness the rest of the time. She has started violin lessons and so far seems very determined. I had no idea how much would be involved on my part. This is an expensive instrument with lots of expensive add ons. It will also require me to practice with her. So far, so good, well, except for when she tries to argue with me about what is right.

Caroline is also going through changes. She has adjusted to high school.  Mid-terms just about did her in! I am proud of how hard she's been working. She is ready to give up drums. She already stop the rock band. Next year she won't take concert band, either. Instead she is going to try her hand at T.V. production. I have a feeling that she will love it!

While they are changing, so does my identity as a mother. I am no longer the mother of a little girl. So many parts of my life as a mother are over. There are many more new things awaiting for me, I know. It is still hard to say good bye to all the little girls things: cartoons, silly songs, cute little toys, never ending imaginations..... In the course of one year I went from being Dance Mom/Band Mom/Roadie to being Just Mom/Violin Coach. They say that change will do you good. I guess I need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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