Monday, January 14, 2013

Drops in My Bucket

The idea of adding drops to your bucket seems to be following me these days. I just finished a two day course on preventing bully behavior and it came up repeatedly. Then I came home and logged on to Facebook and ran across a link to a blog. The bloggers' premise was that so often when mothers are doing something right, all they can think about is all the times they didn't do that thing or will screw it up in the future. Her challenge was to just take each moment and add it to your bucket.

For example, I remembered to cook the chicken breast in the fridge before it expired: drop in my bucket. I got everything on the Monday portion of my to do list finished (I'm trying to chunk and break up my lists now): drop in my bucket. I got my laundry and Lily's laundry folded: drop in my bucket. Instead of focusing on the lack of vegetable at dinner, the yet to be done portion of my to do list, or the unfolded towels, I stay positive. I try to keep my bucket full. You would think with all of the metaphorical bailing out that I do around here, my bucket would be overflowing. I think that bailing out is part of the problem. Right now, I am so tired. I keep trying to dig deep and find some reserves. I also need to get it through my head that I can't fill my bucket with chocolate (or other junk for that matter).

Honestly, I guess that it is a day by day thing.

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