Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmagedon!!!! Snowpocolpyse!!!!

Well, if you haven't heard the snow of the century hit NoVA. Here in Woodbridge we got about 22 inches. This was predicted earlier in the week. It was talked about for days. We prepared, we knew. Yet some dumb asses were still surprised. Surprised enough to be driving last night in a blizzard. Surprised enough to cause a 30 car traffic jam that closed the major road through town. I only know this because I heard it on the radio from the comfort of my home. I like to think of myself as smart:)

I was a little sick of the hype, though. We had a lovely day. Caroline's friend came over and we watched Over the Hedge (we'd had another snow day on Wed and watched Peter Pan, the live action one). Rob came home early. It was perfect. Like I've said I have a talent for hibernation. We play outside, watch movies, eat treats, snuggle under blankets in warm pjs... The only glitch was the snow coverage. I finally got the friend home, the kids to bed, and Rob was passed out on the coach. Time for my dirty little secret: I am a closet General Hospital fanatic. I turned on the DVR; it was time to find out how Dante really felt about Sonny being his father. Would Lulu continue to stand by her man? I had my tea, I had popcorn, I had Freakin' snow coverage! They preempted my soap to tell me about what I could look outside and see. It was snowing, don't drive. WTH.

I frantically searched for Soapnet and set it to record. The only problem is I have a house full of interrupting yahoos who want to watch movies or football and I can't get TV time. This is driving me crazy.

I know, I know people are without power. People could be dying and I'm bitching about a soap. You know this is all in good fun, right?

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