Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lucy, You Got Some 'Splain' To Do

I've said it before, I am the Lucille Ball of the new millennium. I don't mean to get myself in these situations. Really, most of my biggest debacles begin with the best of intentions. For some reason, I decided to have my friend, Stacey, move in the same week as the boys were visiting, which was also the week after snowpocalypse. The roads were horrible. Everywhere I went I would encounter a wall of snow or five inches of ice. To add to the chaos, Stacey's mother decided to have all of her childhood stuff (furniture, boxes of dance costumes, art projects, photos) delivered to my house on Wednesday morning. Luckily, it was a two hour delay for school and the truck was coming at 7:30 am. I got up and was chilling with a cup of tea in my comfy jammies. All of a sudden, I hear a truck pull down my street. Then the noise stops. The freakin truck drove into a snow bank. My entire street was blocked. The driver asked us to call the city to get a plow and salt. That's a riot. Our roads are plowed by the state and there is not a single grain of rock salt left in the entire county. Stacey ends up calling the county and they send out a tow truck and a police officer to close the road.

Meanwhile, Rob calls on his way to work (how does he always know when I have something crazy going on?) and starts to direct things via the phone. I start crying and he accuses me of being irrational. Then he states "This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't invited so many people over at once." I stop crying and ask him if he feels better now that he got that off of his chest. We both calm down and he suggests that I call a co worker for a ride. After I find a ride, I start barking orders and Caroline jumps up and shuts Lily's hand in the foot rest of the chair. Lily starts crying, I kiss her hand and proceed to bark out more orders. Meanwhile the moving men start moving things in through the garage. The door is wide open and cold air starts whipping around the house. Did I mention that my brother was asleep and remained asleep on the coach throughout this?

Lily and I trudge up the hill to meet my ride with her gear and my gear and I can't carry the booster seat, too. My friend distracted the police officer while I buckled Lily in.

When I got home that afternoon, the living room was filled with huge boxes and the basement was filled almost to the ceiling. Stacey is standing in the middle of it showing me her art and her photos. Lily starts trying on her old dance costumes and feather and sequins are flying all over the place. It was chaos.

Of course, after chaos, comes calm. My brother came and took us out to dinner. By the time we came home the living room was empty and neat.

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