Monday, February 8, 2010

The More It Snows...

I love this poem( ), but honest to God after this week I could rewrite it.

The more it snows tiddely pom
the more they go tiddely pom
the more they go tiddely pom
on sobbing.
And nobody knows tiddely pom
how much my head tiddely pom
how much my head tiddely pom
is throbbing.

Ok I love snow days, but this is getting seriously crazy. We just shoveled out of 22 inches (I used a hoe as a pick ax to get through the four foot mountain in front of our mailbox today alone). But that is not enough. No, we are supposed to be getting 7-14 more inches tomorrow. Are you freakin kidding me?!? Best of all, Rob leaves for New Mexico tomorrow morning, leaving me alone with the screaming banshees formally known as my children. I won't be betraying her too much to state that Caroline's hormones are in overdrive. She has lost all control over her body and emotions. If she's not falling and tripping, she's crying and screaming. Throw in Lily, the bully who thinks she's so funny, into the mix and it is insanity.

I am tapping into my inner Jo Frost (Super Nanny) and issuing timeouts and groundings like an over eager rookie cop. Heck, I put Lily's cranky screaming butt in time out in the middle of a snow bank. I am not to be messed with. It's Mommy Boot Camp.

Well, Mommy is tired. I loaded them into the car and drove white knuckled through the snowy streets to get to the store before the next storm. Actually the roads weren't that scary, the people in the store on the other hand... I was afraid to trek to the nice grocery store, so we went to the scary one, the one with the scary people who look like they never leave their houses. I quickly grabbed our necessities and then realized that I forgot the most important necessity of all for a snowed in mama: the chocolate and the wine. "Where the heck is the wine?" I mutter. Of course Lily starts to shout "Wine?" She then launches into "The Wine Song" which is a manically giggling five year old singing "wine, wine, wine, wine!" Over and over as loud as she can. Of course not to be outdone, Caroline quips "Don't you get enough whine from us." All I can think is "Get me the hell out of this store." After listening to the poor boy at the check out tell me about his unfair hours and tired feet, I rush out of there and vow to never go back.

Of course the day is not done, I realize that my front walk needs shoveled. My cousin and brother are visiting and my friend is moving in this weekend. I dug through 20 inches of ice and snow.

Well at least shoveling snow is good exercise. I'll be doing a lot of it this week.

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