Saturday, February 13, 2010

Judging a Book By It's Cover

On Friday, we were finally able to escape the house. Of course we hot tailed it over to the library. As we pulled into the lot, we saw a lady with a wash and wear cut walking purposefully to her car. She was dressed for the weather in a tweedy sweater, cords and sensible shoes. As she put her tote bag into her car, Caroline remarked that she must be enjoying her days off from school. I asked her how she knew she was a teacher. Caroline responded that she looked like one. I then asked, well what do I look like (I was wearing jeans, black sweater, red vest, Birks, and a floppy red hat). Her response? I don't know, a stay at home mother, although a slightly crazy one? Very funny smart ass.

I guess my look came in handy tonight. I was waiting at the train station for the boys. The engine of their train died and they were stuck on the tracks. With all of the snow, there was no way to get them off and onto another, so they had to wait for a new engine. They should have arrived at 3:24, at this time it was 7:00. Anyway, I was sitting in my car reading and trying to stay warm, when an older African-American lady knocked on my window. She had been dropped off by the bus and had no way to get home. After much deliberating (it would be just my luck that she was a ploy and I was going to get mugged by someone waiting outside). I agreed to give her a ride to a phone to get a cab. I helped her walk around the black ice and load her luggage into my car. She climbed in and I turned up the heat. As she started telling me about her difficult trip, I figured that I might as well give her a ride home. She lives in the retirement home not too far from my house. After she said about 10 "Praise Jesus'" she asked me if I was a Christian. I explained that I was a Unitarian. At her blank look, I mumbled something about an "all inclusive religion." She responded "Well, at least your parents raised you right."

After I made sure she was safely home, I needed a place to wait for the train. Where would middle aged woman wearing cat's eye glasses, Birks, a fuzzy purple hat, and a black wrap go on a Saturday night? Why Starbucks of course! I ordered the largest tea they had (begrudgingly using the pretentious ordering procedure). I relaxed and read my book until the boys texted me that they were finally moving. As I got ready to bolt out the door, an exhausted mother walked in with her infant and little pre-school girl. The little girl stopped me to proudly state "Look! I have sparkly red shoes AND a pink bracelet!" Yup, I look like a stay at home mom!

PS The boys finally arrived at 11:30 with their own tales to share. They'll have to get their own blog, though!

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