Friday, February 12, 2010

Sanity Saver Just in Time for Round Three

Just as the blizzard hit my girlfriend (the one who is moving in this weekend) frantically drove (with her beagle) form her apartment to our house to avoid being trapped alone one more day. When she described trying to dig her car out with a dustpan and then finally saying the hell with it and driving over the snowbanks (she has four wheel drive), I laughed for the first time all day. Yay, another adult! I was able to rally myself enough to make lasagna. We spent the next two days listening to the wind howl and watching movies with charming, mostly British, children (Peter Pan, Nanny McPhee, The Sound of Music). We ate junk, played Wii and computer games, and had an all around fun time. After the children went to bed we got to catch up on Lost. I could not have made it without her.

When we weren't having mad, silly fun, I was watching the trees blow so hard they kissed the ground and listening to the wind try to tear the singles off of my roof. I spent those two nights wide awake praying a tree would not fall on our house. We made it through and now it looks like we might be in the clear (well a light 1-2 inches predicted for Monday, but who cares?).

By the time it will be over, it will have been 11 days since I've seen my students. Good grief how much have they forgotten?

Well, we are getting ready for the next onslaught. My mannys are coming! My cousin, Luke (16) and brother, Colton (14) are arriving tomorrow to spend their winter break with us. Usually, I take time off from work, but having lost so much time with the kids, I really can't risk it. They seem to enjoy loafing around our house and playing Wii. Hopefully they still do. Did I mention my friend, Stacey is moving in tomorrow as well? I am truly trying Rob's patience.

Early in the storm, we were standing outside watching a neighbor trying to get out of the snow. Many of our neighbors had gathered to watch/help. I mentioned to Rob (before he went to help) that I always wanted to live in an area where we were close to our neighbors. He replied, but you married anti-social me. I sighed yeah, then he quickly quipped, so you just import them. He's right, this is my chance to have a big family for a little while.

PS After our "Brit Fest," Lily spent the next day stomping about in her kitty cat books quipping in her best British accent " I haven't the slightest idea why my cat boots keep meowing at me."

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