Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pink Cupcakes and Supermom Capes

This has been a crazy week. The recovery isn't going as quickly as I would have hoped. My nose is very dry and sore and I can't seem to shake this blinding headache. I've used up my grace period of being sick, so my family is none too patient. Rob's schedule is very tough. He gets home at 7:00, so it's back to me to run all errands and get the kids to all activities. Throw in monitoring homework, grading papers, analyzing student data, dishes, laundry, making dinner, thwarting and diffusing evening tantrums and I am beat. There has to be a better way. When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

I had a meltdown on Wed. Lily's birthday was the next day and she wanted to bring pink cupcakes to school. Unfortunately, her school will only take food that is store bought and labeled with the ingredients. I was planning on going to the store next to her school, but when I picked her up, I found out I had to go to a peanut free bakery. I had an hour to pick up Caroline and get her to scouts and to find peanut free cupcakes. I blew my top and proceeded to g off to Rob (via phone) in a manner that would have earned me a spot on Fox news. I still do believe that is a child has an allergy, the parents should proved a treat for them. Rob offered to get the cupcakes. I took Caroline to scouts. By the time, he got to the bakery there were only two different types of cupcakes left and not enough to feed her class. He bought both types and cookies. I knew it would be too hard for her teacher to deal with three types of treats, so I sent in the cookies.

Ultimately, Lily didn't really care. She got a pink crown and had a Chuck E. Cheese party with her friends this weekend (that was crazy, so crowded, so loud, wow!). I need to keep reminding myself to roll with it and not sweat the small stuff. I also need to put some starch in my supermom cape. Up,up,and away!

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