Monday, April 16, 2012

I am Not a Wino

Oh my goodness! Yesterday Lily and I were sitting at my mom's house chatting with my sister in law and the subject of wine came up. Lily very sweetly puts her hand on mine and says (no silliness at all) "You drink wine, Mommy, when you aren't feeling well. And... you drink it in a wine glass! ( as opposed to what, the bottle? An empty Big Gulp cup?)" My sister in law choked back her laughter and I quipped "Oh my goodness, what things do you think that she tells her teacher?" (remember this is the kid who told her first grade teacher that she didn't want to go to her mommy's school because there was too much head lice there.). Lily looks at me in shock and replies "Mom, I wouldn't talk about wine at school; that's not a school topic." Not to be left out, Caroline strolls in and adds something to the effect of you are funny when you drink wine. Well, I can see that one. For example Friday night after an extremely long week, I had one glass and followed that with Peeps and Fun Dip (don't knock it 'til you've tried it). I guess after that I was a little punchy. I think Caroline is also remembering her uncle's wedding when I had a few glasses and told the kids they could "have as much cake as they wanted." By the way, I think Lily's fascination with the wine glass comes from the fact that I still use the wine glasses that Rob and I bought in 1994 at Walmart. Does anyone remember the glasses that had a clear glass top and blue glass stem? Well, Lily thinks they are gorgeous and not at all dated or tacky.

The truth is it takes me a month or more to finish one bottle. I am such a light weight, that I been known to get buzzed after half a margarita. I think that it is funny that my girls have collected these "Mom and her wine" stories. It is probably because it is one of the few times they get to see me when I am not checking off a list or barking orders.

It makes me wonder what other amusing stories they have collected about me. Do I amuse them as much as they amuse me? Highly doubtful!

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