Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You May Think It's Funny, but It's Snot

Caroline caught a nasty cold over Thanksgiving, then Lily caught it last week. After two nights of no sleep and holding feverish Lily, now it is my turn. It sucks! I blow my nose, which is raw, so I use the marginally better lotionized tissues, which smear all over my glasses. I look like Rudolph's "rode hard and put away wet mother." Add to that I can't hear crap and my students are taking full advantage. if one more little six year old asks me why my nose is red, I'm going to scream. Any idea how hard it is to get little guys to listen when you have to stop and sneeze mid-lecute then blow your nose feriousiouly five times? Seriously, I'm just a disgusting mess. I'm just going to go sit and nurse a cup of tea. I did write a new song: "I'm dreaming of a snot-free Christmas, with every runny nose I wipe."

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