Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Thoughts from a Stuffy Head

I should not have complained about gaining weight from sitting around with a sinus infection. I got hit with a two day stomach virus. the upside is I lost the weight I'd gained. Anyway, I am sick of being sick. I make a terrible and grouchy paitinet. Today I decided enough was enough and dragged my scik self out for a few errands and to shovel the walk. A little fresh air and movement helped quiet a bit.

I also went back to the ENT. He scheduled me for sinus surgery on Jan 12. I reacted like I'd been given a gift from Santa. I will be so glad to be able to breath and live without sinus headaches.I got to look at my CAT scan with him and it was very cool. He had a nifty feature that "sliced" the image in different directions. It was like my own personal version of the Discovery Channel.

I just read a great article in Redbook that gave some guilt free ways to be healthy. I am going to get this author's book as soon as possible. I am so guilty of trying to do all and be all. No wonder I get sick.

I am at a funny age right now. I fell like I am going in a million directions and never stopping. I look at Rob's and my life and really we never slow down. We bounce from project to chore to driving a kid somewhere to calling relatives to check on them, all the while quickly sending each other messages. We are more like partners in the bussiness of marriage than a couple. I don't regret or object to it though. This is what you do in middle age. Really it is more of an extended servatuide that anything else. I know this time will pass so quickly, though.

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