Monday, March 2, 2009

Perfect Storm

Lest anybody worry that I'm days away form a nervous breakdown, no worries. Today was the perfect snow day. We spent most of the morning sledding and then when Rob came home we went back out again. My thighs are burning from carting myself and dragging Lily up and down the hill. We have the best sledding spot in the woods behind our house. Halfway through there is a mini hill and you go airborne. So much fun. Watching my huge neighbor (this guy is built like a tank) go down and spin around and around finally flying backwards was hilarious. Lily invented a new song "I'm sledding on my butt, I'm sledding on my butt, sledding, sledding, sledding on my butt." She's a class act. Of course her mother screamed "Holy Crap!" as I sailed through the air and honestly thought I wasn't coming back down.

The kids are nice and tired and I got to watch half a movie. I might even finish it tonight. There's my fifth batch of Amish Friendship bread in the oven and plan on having a yummy snack tonight. Sweet dreams.

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