Friday, March 13, 2009

One of Those Days

Well, it looks like we will be short one pet very soon. I think Madison, my 11year old bunny, had a stroke tonight. I don't know for sure because I can't find an emergency animal hospital that will treat small animals. I could go to the next town over where everything is very expensive and spend $300 or more. Hopefully, the poor guys passes peacefully in his sleep or I find a place in town tomorrow.

It seems like these things always happen when Rob isn't home (we had a thousand times worse experience a few years ago with a sick dog who ended up passing). When I called to share this info/idea with him, he agreed. The odd thing is he's almost always home. Maybe the powers that be fell I can handle this best (I like this idea better than dumb luck). Caroline is convinced it's because of Friday the 13th.

My poor babies are so sad. I don't help. I'm not good at sugar coating reality. I'm more of a just the facts kind of gal. I gently explained that the rabbit was old and probably wouldn't make it through the night. This is how nature takes it's course and if it didn't we'd take him to the vet tomorrow to end his suffering (I simplified it for Lily).

All I know is that I want chocolate, which shoots my "I'm going to work out and have a snack of Kashi cereal" idea in the foot. It also shoots "the girls and I are going to watch Idol while getting a head start on the laundry" idea in the foot as well. They are cuddled on the couch watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I'm going to have to put them to bed soon though. I know they'll start crying again. Oh poor girls, poor bunny.

He really was a good little bunny.

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