Monday, March 23, 2009

I Second, Third, Fourth That Emotion

Oh my, talk about emotional roller coasters. I feel like around here these days just wait a minute and another emotion comes rolling through. I don't know how poor Rob deals with all of theses ever changing emotions (he's pretty steady, either silly, tired or annoyed).

It started with the rabbit. The night he had his stroke, I was fine until Rob came home from basketball and picked up the poor bunny and held him and rocked him. Then I lost it. I never got it back after that, especially when I had to call 7 different vets and say "My rabbit had a stroke and I need someone to euthanize him." I finally found wonderfully kind place. I managed to bawl my eyes out from my arrival to my departure. They gave us a little plaster foot print of him. It can go with Sierra, the dog's print. I am Starting to envision my old age with a wall of animal footprints. Is that comforting or kind of sick?

During all of this I caught a nasty cold. On Monday night, I was making a cup of tea and as I was pouring the water, it exploded all over my hand. Oh my god, I have never been in so much pain or scared. I didn't tell Rob how worried I was, but I was a little freaked out. This happened at 10:00 at night and I opted not to go to the ER. I spent the night with my hand in a bowl of cool water and then trying to sleep and crying because of the pain. I went to work the next day because my friend had an emergency and I needed to cover her class. After much chastising from my "mothers" at work, I went to the doctor and got an updated tetanus shot and anti biotic cream. When my friends called to ask what he said, I replied "Don't use my hand as a tea bag." No one thought ti was funny.

On Thursday one of my best friends had a baby. We've been waiting for him for awhile. She had lots of complications during the pregnancy and I was very worried. Of course I was so excited after the baby got here, you would have thought I'd birthed him myself. I love hearing about new babies, especially when I've been watching so many of my friend's relationships fall apart. There is something so hopeful about making a family and creating new life.

Did I mention that we have one of my friend's living with us for a month? She's great and we're having fun.

Add the stress of finishing a complicated alternative portfolio assessment on a student and the unknown about my job situation and I am a little in limbo (and perhaps a little manic).

Right now my hand looks like a mummified monkey paw and is starting to itch like hell. I tried to explain to my students that I was "The Teacher with the Mummy Claw." The turkeys didn't even laugh. They were too bust being grossed out by it. I really hope it doesn't scar. I can be pretty easy going, but the idea of life with a shriveled hand is not appealing. I know it could be worse and Rob says that I've already ruined my chances to make it big as a hand model, but still. I guess I am vain. I'm also lucky that it wasn't worse. Yet again, I am a cautionary tale. Your welcome:)

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