Monday, February 9, 2009

New Technology

Well, I went and joined Facebook. I mainly did it because my sitter was getting annoyed at my ignoring her requests. It also coincides with my 20 year reunion. I am getting pinged left and right by people that I don't recognize, or forgot about or (in most cases) are very happy to hear from.

The problem is that my technology skills are limited. By choice or by ignorance, I'm not sure. It took me two days to simply add pictures. Well, it's partially my fault. I had to label and catalog two year worth of pictures before I could even find them. I want to make an album and Rob's helpful instructions are "I don't know how I just did it." It's a good thing he decided against going into teaching.

There is hope on the horizon, though: my MANNYS are coming! Yeah, my awesome 15 year old cousin and my wonderful 13 year old brother will be here on Saturday. They are going to stay through Thursday and I can't wait. The girls adore them, and they keep me young. I'm lucky to have really neat teenagers in my life who enjoy spending their vacation with a couple of old farts.

Well, back to figuring out Facebook. This kind of seems like a digital version of will you sign my year book. It's nice to know that everyone I knew back in the day is still just as goofy. Technology can't change that.

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