Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feats of Vomit

How, how, how, for the love of Pete how? How did Lily manage to projectile vomit while coloring in a coloring book with her feet (I've told you my kid's unique)? Oh man I'm caught here in a vomit purgatory! When my sitter called me at work to share the news I yelled "No, I don't want it!" I think I shocked my new principal. She gave me a perplexed look. That's ok she's seven months pregnant with her first. She'll find out soon enough.

I think the most frustrating part here at home is that Lily doesn't understand she's sick. She throws up them continues to run around stirring her digestive juices. Then she throws up again and asks for fruit snacks. I say no and she looks at me like I slapped her. The crummy part is today was the day the bi weekly cleaning lady came (I'm not spoiled, it was that or give up sleep). So far Lily has thrown up on the carpet, her giant coloring book, her clothes, the blankets, and, oh yeah, the "throw up bowl." She has managed to grind a saltine into the rug and spill flat Sprite. Why can't she just sit in a feverish stupor and watch cartoons?

Someday, she will call me to inquire about why her own child won't just sit still and be sick. I'll smile and send her a copy of this.

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