Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Place

Boy, I've read through my last few posts and you can feel the tension rising off of me. This new background and picture (it's a Moon Flower from my summer garden) are my sincere attempts to relax.

I had a wonderful visit with the boys. We went to Mt Vernon in the rain and freezing cold, but we had the place to ourselves. I saw and learned so much. I highly recommend this form of tourism for those strong enough to brave the elements. My cousin, Luke, updated my music list. I now have fledgling "hipster parent" status. I will never fully achieve this, though, because I cling dearly to my "nerd mom" status. Tonight, I actually said to Caroline "There's a dictionary on that shelf, feel free to utilize it.", when she asked me how to spell excuses. I say these things partly to strengthen her independence, but mostly to irritate her. Mind you she was spelling excuses as part of a witty comedy she and her friend are co authoring (Be still my book worm heart! You gotta love that girl).

I almost had a peaceful evening (there will be no discussing the day). I baked more Amish Friendship bread (I need to find someone to give these starter bags to, I'm drowning in bubbling batter.). I played around on the computer and petted the dog. Callie really is my best friend. She loves me no matter what. I also believe she shares my tendency toward smart ass humor. You should see the looks she gives the kids.

It was this look she gave them when after 1/2 hour of bliss, I started barking orders like Louis Gosset Jr from An Officer and a Gentleman. "Clean up your junk! Put away your shoes! No markers in the den! We only draw on paper! I don't like it when dresser drawers are left open! Did you feed the rabbit? Put away your homework! Who's game is this! Can you hear me?! Do you even listen anymore? (Well, duh , Mom of course not. You shout the same things every night). That's it you're going to bed! Rob, do you see this? Can YOU hear me?"" Well you get the picture. Oh by the way, dry erase marker will wash off of a four year old's face very easily, not so much a sweater or the carpet.

What made the usual insanity funny was Rob. He kept singing "high anxiety" in a 20's voice and at one point started singing "We're going to go insane, ha ha." After we got the kids in bed and he made the same old joke while slicing the Amish bread ("I think I'll pinch a loaf."). Then he paused and said "I'm still making the same tired old jokes 20 years later. Is that why you still love me?" Well, it kind of is why. If all else fails, laugh.

Random additions:
I feel very much like Doogie Howser when I write this. Good or bad, I don't know?

I prefer the blog to Facebook. This is soothing and I am the master of all here. Facebook, while initially amusing is too over stimulating. It's like ADHD combined with no sleep: wired. I still enjoy seeing every ones walls and pictures. Just don't expect me to add too much flair or play games etc.

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