Friday, February 13, 2009

Major Frustrations and Sweet Observations

My number one fan, my father in law requested a new post. I hope he knows what he is in for. Well, I had a post planned about changing jobs and taking a leap of faith. It was going to be lovely. Then I made the fatal mistake of going in after work today (Lily is still sick) to deliver girl scout cookies. Oh boy. Upheaval and crankiness! I am generally a pretty good listener and pretty easy going (inside I'm a jumble of Type A anxiety), but I have lost count of how many people have dumped on me this month. Granted I want them to have someone who can listen, and I try to give good advice, but I think sometimes all of us forget the listener might have worries and things going on in her life too. Yeah, I try to make it all a joke, but some days I want to just curl up and cry my eyes out. Ok, I'm off my moral high horse. I really do like being needed. Oh yeah, as I pulled into the garage to drop off Caroline before I went to my friend's baby shower, Caroline threw up all over the garage floor. So I got a bucket of hot soapy water and tried to clean it up without messing up my "Yay, I'm going to talk to grown ups" outfit. I succeeded.

Despite being very over booked and over worked, I have so much to be happy and proud of. For example, I am witnessing the birth of a teacher. Caroline has been tutoring a little girl in the first grade class that I co teach. I have never seen her so dedicated and compassionate. She is determined to help this girl read enough books to earn her reading tee shirt prize. She asks me professional questions about how to help her. It is like speaking with a fellow teacher. Caroline has even made flash cards and collected little erasers to give her a small incentives. All of the sudden she has gone from the kid who only cared about dogs to the champion of the primary grades. She watches over the kindergartners on the bus and when they see her in the halls its like they've seen a rock star. Will I tell her she's a natural teacher? Heck no. That would be the undoing of all of this.

Lily continues to be a simultaneous stinker and sweetheart. Every night at bed time she asks me how much I love her. I make up silly answers and spread my arms wide and say "This much!" she replies "That's a lot of much." Then she asks if I'd give this hug to Daddy and hugs me and if I'd give him this kiss and kisses me. Man she could melt your heart.

Unless of course she's cracking you up. Like asking for a " closh wash" (wash cloth) or singing "ABC cheese Qrstuv." Or how about insisting her name is Lillain Elizabest. She can also be a little tyrant. Some days she wakes me up by patting my facing and saying "Helloo, get me some chocolate milk." I open one eye and growl "Excuse me?" She'll respond with "Hellooo, get me some chocolate milk pleeasse."

And don't forget my "mannys" will be here tomorrow. Yay!

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