Saturday, January 3, 2009


I need to do some work for school, so it seems like the perfect time to update my blog. Here are the long promised list of Lilyisms. She is on a roll lately. I love almost four years olds, they are so funny.

When you tell her to do something she says "I mam, I mam!"

When we were reading Swim Little Wombat Swim, she reenacted the entire story, right down to the rescue when she flopped on her bed dramatically pushed the hair out of her face and sighed "whew!"

I was trying to get her ready to go and repeated my direction at least 5 times. She looked at me with infinite patience and slowly said "I understand your words, I'm just not ready, yet."

After hearing the first chapter of the Magician's Nephew, she asked me if we could put on the magic rings and go find Polly Pocket (the main character is Polly).

During our drive through New York, Caroline asked were the Statue of Liberty was. Lily turns and says "It's not in the city, it's by the water silly." I asked how she knew that and she said "George told me." (she's hooked on the Curious George movie).

She ran through the National Museum of American History singing "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire" (thanks a lot, Rob).

She has decided the Lonely Doll is not a sad book because "Families love each other and never leave, but in our house we don't spank."

She also wants to wear her hair in a bun like the Lonely doll with a gingham dress. Of course her gingham dress is short sleeved which shows off the tattoos (pretend) her cousin helped put on her arms.

She has spent the past weeks yelling "Guys, I'm going to sing!" and then serenading us in front of the tree with long drawn out narratives about family love.

She is without a doubt my funny little monkey.

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