Monday, January 19, 2009


Once upon a time there was a family. They had a mother, a father, and a daughter. They were happy, but felt that something was missing. What they needed was one more child. It took a long time for that child to find her way to the family. While they were waiting, the family grew very sad. The father lost his grandmother (whom he loved very much) and the mother lost her father and grandfather (both of whom she loved very much). The family started to think that another baby would never come to their house. On a snowy day (it was almost a blizzard), they finally got their baby. She was a funny little thing with big ears like her grandfather and lots and lots of dark hair. The family started to remember how to smile and named her Lillian Elizabeth Lee, but they called her Monkey. Over time she grew into her ears and lost her dark hair, but was still as silly as a monkey. The longer she lived with her family, the more they laughed. She grew up to be very clever, very funny, and sometimes very naughty.

Her mommy had a hard time staying sad (she lost both of her grandmothers when Lily was two) around her. One time, when she was two, Lily covered her face and feet with with bright pink lipstick and walked all over her bed and the carpet. Luckily her mommy was able to clean it up. When she was three, she dumped an entire canister of powder all over her room. When her mommy asked what happened, Lily said "somebody dumped powder in my room!" Again, her mommy had to laugh (after she put Lily in timeout).

Over time Lily learned how to copy people's voices and put on shows and dances for her family. She learned how to tie her shoes and draw and recognize letters. She also learned how to not say bad words or hit or bite. And she got better and better at laughing. She laughed so much and so hard that her mommy called her a "giggle box." Some days her mommy and daddy got frustrated, especially when Lily didn't want to listen or didn't want be around lots of people. She taught her mommy and daddy to be patient and wait. But mostly she taught them how to laugh again. They were very glad they waited for their little girl.

Happy fourth birthday, Monkey!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!! We love your goofiness!!! :)
Ryley, Kyra, Tara, Katie and Aaron

mooserbeans said...

Thank you! She loves you guys too, especially "Ryee."