Thursday, January 8, 2009


There are moments when I want to wrap Caroline and Lily in bubble wrap and store them on a high shelf. Yesterday, Caroline and I were caught in a terrible traffic jam on the way to get Lily. We are used to traffic. We live in a large suburb. I just used my usual tactic of hold steady to your spot ( I refused to duck into new lanes or flip a u turn) and put something good on the radio. We were listening to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and commenting on the readers voice when we got close enough to see why there was a jam. "Oh my gosh, Mom" whispered Caroline. The other side of the road was closed and a little car was crushed into a median next to an SUV. When she asked if they'd be OK, I gave her an honest answer, "Probably not."

Once we got home, we found out the driver of the little car was a teen aged girl who hydroplaned on a curvy road. Her passenger died at the scene. This morning I found out that the driverused to go to our school and is in a coma. Many of my co workers have teenagers who know the girls. Needless to say it was a solemn day. It reminds you that terrible things happen in the blink of an eye for no apparent reason. You can't always control life. As much as I love watching Caroline blossom and grow, I am so fearful for her as she starts her journey toward adulthood. Like I said, I wish I had more bubble wrap.

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Katie said...

Amen to that Melissa! I would definitely hold on tight to my girls and not let them grow up but as you know time marches on. So we arm them with the best tools that we can and love them until we feel our heart break but then we have to do that horrible thing and let them grow up.