Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Melissa, the Red Nosed Mommy

I couldn't escape the holidays without some sort of insanity. This year it was in the form of the nastiest head cold (courtesy of my three favorite second grade students) that manifested itself into a raging sinus infection. Of course, I believe in Christmas. It is in my genes. My Papa used to dress up in a Santa suit and deliver toys to the families of the men who worked for him. My father planned Christmas days that would make a magazine feel inadequate. Therefore, I trudged forth. Yes we made and delivered cookies. Yes, I wrapped gifts while stopping every two minutes to blow my nose. The girls tried to help and I tried not to yell. There was paper everywhere. Rob, who does not really get the holiday, was not much help. He hates it when I get sick. He seems to take it as a personal affront.

Christmas day went well. We scaled back this year and the girls enjoyed it just as much. My family came for dinner at 1:00 and I spent the afternoon with a cup of tea in one hand and a tissue box in the other. By the time they left and Rob's parents arrived, the tea was replaced with wine.

I also went to Connecticut with my brother and the girls. We had a wonderful time, despite the hellish traffic (it took nine hours to get back to VA). I have saved up lots of funny Lily stories, but right now my head is so full of gunk, I can't think straight. Right now my cousin from CT is visiting. She's the most remarkable 17 year old I've ever met. The girls are in heaven. They have been dragging her from game to game. I love having my youngest brother and teen cousins visit. I get to have the feel of a big family for a little while.

Have a wonderful new year.

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