Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Be

We had the most wonderful time with our friends last night. A couple we know from college came over with their three girls (6,3,1) for dinner and cookie decorating. It was the perfect start to my holiday off. They are just as laid back and goofy as us. While the little girls ran around in various states of undress and dress up, we had a chance to talk. At first it was all about kid concerns and work frustrations, but Rob put on music from our glory days and we became the people we used to be (and still are, but forget). It's been awhile since I've laughed just for fun, not as a way to deal with a disaster or stress. We decided to let the kids play while we sat down to eat first. What a refreshing treat! I ate without fetching drinks, more food or any arguing. We felt like grown ups!

I have been so stressed lately. The word Rob used today is "bitter." It feels like there's been this dam of frustration. I have finally started talking about how unhappy I am with work and other aspects of life, but now I can't stop it. This is the down side of "Pollyanna syndrome." When I blow, I blow big. Luckily, I have two weeks off. I took a very long solo walk today, as a way to combat the fact that I have been living on cookies and as a stress reliever. I need to do this everyday! For the next two weeks, I might actually have time.

Tomorrow, I will take the girls to buy little gifts for family. Hopefully, I can do this without Lily wanting the world. I also promised we'd bake cookies and deliver them to our neighbors. Lily is obsessed with the book You Can Do It, Sam. It's a very sweet book about a little bear and his mommy who wake up early and deliver cakes to the neighbors. We'll see how our delivery goes. We live in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Neighbors don't just walk up to houses with cookies. The worst that could happen is they look at us in bewilderment and throw the cookies away after they shut the door. I wish we didn't live in a time when we had to be so cautious and suspicious, but we do.

Quick, back to happy thoughts! I need to keep my mood up. I'm going to go get the Christmas cards ready. I was going to do it with the kids, but in the spirit of keeping my sanity, I'll let them watch a holiday movie and I'll go it alone:)

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