Monday, December 8, 2008

Making a list, checking it twice

Tis the season for lists. I am a compulsive list maker. I've been known to wake up in the middle of the night and write lists. I think part of it is my way of dealing with my LD issues. Part of it is my generation. Rob and I love top ten lists. Of course my lists aren't fun, just a monotonous pile of "gotta do" "didn't get done."

I am already feeling behind. Christmas cards aren't ready (I actually swore when I opened the mailbox and found cards the first week of Dec. What is my damage?), I never started the ornaments that I sincerely want to make for the school staff, my shopping isn't really even started, etc. Anyway, this lead me to make an emergency appointment with "Dr. Toys R Us." I know the school will be standing if I take one day off. My sanity is not so sturdy.

At least the tree is up. We staged our own reenactment of the Nutcracker on Sunday. Picture Clara as a 37 year old woman standing over a trunk in the garage ready to pulverize mice with an old paint stick. I believe in peace on Earth as long as the little buggers stay out of my garage. As it is I had to throw out all of my old toys that were in the trunk. It's hard to be sentimental about Happy Birthday Barbie when she is covered in mouse droppings.

I have held a few traditions sacred. We are still reading the holiday books and watching the specials. Oh what fun is to cuddle up and read! Yeah!

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