Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods....

Well, I survived the trip to Indianapolis to visit Rob's family. He planned such a nice time: turkey dinner at an inn, basket ball game, nice family friendly hotel with a pool, treadmill (I used it once!), room for cards and puzzles for Lily. The poor guy had a raging head cold the entire time, but was so calm. He thinks the combo of extreme snot and cold medicine made him mellower. I have to agree.

I took up his slack, though. The kids managed to break the DVD player on the way there and spent much of the very looong drive trying to annoy the hell out of each other. They really only succeeded in annoying me. I love those moments when I manage to simultaneously say and do the exact opposite of what good parents should.

It's not much better now that I'm back. The stress of my job is really getting to me. I love the my students (even the turkey who hit me today), but the politics and paper work and meetings, that's another story.

I love this time of year and was really looking forward to being able to do it right this time. I am out of my five year cloud of grief and want to enjoy this Christmas. We will have a fun Christmas, dammit! I should cross stitch that on a pillow. What an attitude to have.

Just for my father in law:

I know my father in law is waiting for my latest post and is reading this wondering if I've lost my mind. Just for him I will now list my latest favorite Lily stories:

When we crossed the Licking River, she asked if it had tongues in it.

Last night I joked that her tushy was so cute, I could bite it. She looked at me in horror and said, But Mom, it has poop in it.

When Rob called someone a pinecone (they were) she asked if he could choose a better word.

She loved the hotel and asked how long we would live there.

When we were almost out of gas, both of my charming daughters volunteered to offer us some of their gas. Why do long car trip bring out their love of potty humor?

I'm sure when I lay down tonight, I'll remember more stories.

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