Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maternal Angst, Winter Style

Ok, so I am soooo not alone in the "all of this crap is driving me crazy" feeling that I've had. As a matter of fact, it seems to be the prominent theme of the "mom blogs" that I follow. One mom has vowed to spend Lent completing a 15 minute organization project a day. At first, it doesn't seem in keeping with the idea of Lent, but once you think about it as simplifying your life in order to focus on what is important. Anyway, I can get behind this. Completely. I took time last night to organize the top of my desk and found: the Valentine's card that I meant to send to my niece, a 5% off at Target that expired in January, coupons that expired in December, and well, you get the point.

Another mother quoted herself as saying "Do I have to do every fucking thing around here?!?" I can totally relate to that one as well. Truthfully, I am surprised that my head has not spun completely around while smoke and fire pour out of my eyes and ears. "NOW!" has become my mantra (that is if a mantra can be roared while a child looks at you with squinty eyes muttering "Alright! Jeez."

Well, mothers of the world I feel you. We have been trapped in the house for the longest, coldest, snowiest winter in history. Our children are no longer delighted with the simple things like playing in the snow. Instead they eat their way through the house shedding clothing and stuff, complaining "ohmygodimsobored!"

There have been plenty of wonderful moments and memories created during this winter. Those are all for a different post. Right now, I am wondering "is there such a thing as a snow day where kids go to school and the teachers stay home?"

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