Sunday, January 26, 2014

Boxed Up Birthday

Lily's week long birthday extravaganza is finally over! And not a moment too soon. We started last weekend with a small family party with Doctor Who Themed cupcakes. We moved into the week with a birthday snow day! By Friday we were finally back in school for store bought allergy-free cupcakes and pencils. The crowning moment was Saturday.

Lily decided awhile ago that she wanted a Paris themed sleepover with her friends. I foolishly went to Pintrest (Otherwise known as the place to find ideas that I could never pull off and come away feeling like an even more inadequate parent. Really, it is like Family Fun magazine on steroids!). It quickly became apparent that people who have Paris themed children's parties have the bucks to hire party planners. I dumped Pintrest and headed over to Party Express. Paris themed party in a box for eight? One click away? Sold!

We ended up with very cute plates etc and a cardboard Eiffel tower. I added: one Lily in a beret with Paris sweat shirt, silver tray, and lace table cloth. We ate french themed kid food (french bread pizza, french fries, french vanilla ice cream, and french toast) and watched Rugrats in Paris and Madeline. My friend stayed to help and it was perfect. I still can't believe she is nine. Next up? Caroline Sweet 16. Good Grief!!!

Doctor Who cupcake. Fez and bow ties are cool!

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