Thursday, August 15, 2013

Falling Apart or Getting Old?

The downside of scheduling all of your doctors appointments in a two week span is that you get to hear from all of your doctors in a two week span. Apparently, I now need to "change up my flossing routine" (honestly I didn't really have one to begin with) and floss three times a day in order to protect my back teeth which are mostly composed of fillings. Really, it is a miracle that these fillings have lasted this long (some were put in in high school). If I lose them, it's a root canal, and I'd like to avoid that. I have also been told that I "am still young, but getting old." Huh? Yesterday, my internist suggested that I add more exercise in order to prolong my life and alleviate stress (he's worried about the fact that my dad passed away at 52). He went so far as to pantomime taking a "brisk walk." This is the same very serious doctor who must have given himself a daily note to smile upon exiting the room because every time he leaves me he turns and flashes the quickest, most awkward smile. He also went onto to list carbs and suggest that I avoid them. If I wasn't so overwhelmed by his concern, I would have explained that I read Redbook and know just about every diet plan. I was so trying so hard to take it all in that I forgot to ask him about the knee x-ray that had done last week.

I guess, like everything else in this house, I am still in working order, but need more TLC. I draw the line at literally kicking myself, which seems to be the best way to get a lot of things around here to work:)

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