Friday, August 16, 2013


I took the dog for a not so brisk walk and in the process, thought of an awesome blog idea. Unfortunately, the very moment I stepped into the house, it flew clear out of my mind. I have lost many ideas in a similar way. The best ideas have disappeared in the clearing of shower steam, haze of dreams, or lurching halt of traffic. I am not sure of the solution. Maybe I need to become one of those strange people who walks around reciting ideas into a tape recorder. Then again, I don't think they exist anymore (the people or the tape recorders). I used to keep a notebook by my bed. I misplaced it, though. Someone suggested that I text myself, but most of the times these ideas occur when texting isn't an option ( have they come up with a shower proof i phone yet?).

Losing things seems to be a chronic issue in my house. I spend more time looking for a kid's lost shoe, a favorite sweater, the correct freakin' charger, a book, a scrap of paper with an important series of numbers, the remote control, the phone, the list is endless. The amount of time that I have spent looking for those things is also endless. We here in Simpsonland are stuck in the timeless loop of  "MOOOM, have you seen my......?" I fall into the trap time and time again.

It doesn't help that as a whole the beings who inhabit my house are perpetually absent minded. They pick up something and carry it with them when something shiny in the next room catches their eye. I have found remotes in the bathroom and boxes of cereal in the fridge. You never know where missing things will surface. If I didn't know better, I'd swore that we had an infestation of naughty little elves. Elves would be less frustrating than my family.

The current object to have fallen victim to the Simpson Black Hole is one of my favorite CDs. I just finished loading all of my CDs onto my i pod, when I noticed one was missing. The soundtrack to Juno seems to have just evaporated. Caroline borrowed it. It has become one of her favorite summer soundtracks. I guess she loved it into oblivion. I know it will turn up. The Curious George soundtrack was missing for a full 8 months before it returned from it's adventure on top of the computer desk.

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