Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whispering Sweet Nothings

I've mentioned repeatedly Rob's and my tendency to trade barbs. It always surprises me how many people think that we fight a lot, actually, we rarely do. Since the day we first became friends in high school we have been trading one liners and fiercely debating. We used to debate politics, but now we are onto header things such as proper bedtimes and nutrition. We are two sides of the same coin and it works out perfectly.

I was watching a comedian the other night who was able to explain it perfectly. He was talking about how when you first start dating you're afraid to make waves, you sweetly ask if maybe the other person thinks it is cold and would maybe like to shut the window only if it is no trouble. He then goes on to say that his wife would just yell "Close the goddamn window!" to which he'd reply "I'm doin' it!" He explains that they are not yelling, but communicating in a "timely manner." I love it! That's it in a nut shell. So much of Rob's and my communication is quick recaps of the day and what is needed for the week.

The next time someone comments that we fight a lot, I'm going to explain that we are communicating in a timely manner.

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